How to stop roller on the back screen when drop-down menu is on?

What do you want to achieve?

I set a drop down menu on the play screen. It has play, stop, delete button. And a playlist roller on the screen. When slide down, a drop down menu will appear, with some shortcut buttons.

What have you tried so far?

But I’m not sure how to stop roller on the background when a drop-down menu added.
Plus, if I clicked delete, there will be menu with confirmation appear at the bottom, I if I slide down, there will be 2 menu appear at the same time, how to make it only 1 function can be called at one time?

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It’s not very obvious what you want to achieve. Please write more details and send a picture depicting your idea.

I think I solved the problem. I met a new question of synchronized slider value on multiple screens.

For example I set 2 drop menu on different screens, and there are volume slider on both menus, how can I set when you change the value of volume on one screen, it also sync to the other screen?

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Currently you can only do this in code.