How would you make a component appear/disappear on demand on any page?

I am trying to create a “Are you sure?” Prompt, Yes/No answer that will come up multiple times on many actions.
Everytime, the events called by the OK button won’t be the same.

Is there a way to make this component appear on top of my page? Like Visibility=True ?

I cant find this function for any widgets. I want to disable something, not just make it transparent as the clickbox remains there.

There is a flag to hide an object, you could toggle either on an action using events or in code by adding or clearing the flag. What I’ve done is create a panel for pop ups, and I’ll put everything inside the panel, then simply hide the panel on the page, when it’s needed as a pop up I’ll unhide only the panel and the whole thing pops up. So far works good for me


Thanks, i had not found it before. Flags>Hidden. Its there! Seems to work with whole components too, ill try doing that.