Howto send gesture event on max possition of elastic scrolling?

What do you want to achieve?

Screen width 240 , panel 101% i swipe and screen scroll horizontaly and back elastic. This ok.
But with this setup is gesture events ignored. Howto enable LEFT RIGHT gestures or how create it?
For example gesture down in this setup work when only HOR scroll enabled…

What have you tried so far?

I create callback for scroll event and calculate…
For elastic scroll perfect will send gesture on max elastic…

@kisvegabor too i mean function for get gesture direction need solve crash on call.

If a widget was scrolled, no gesture is sent.

You an send a gesture event manually by

lv_dir_t d = LV_DIR_BOTTOM;
lv_event_send(act_scr, LV_EVENT_GESTURE, &d);