Ili9341 cd-card

I am making esp32 project with ILI9341. After a certain number of screens, I cannot see my screenshots on my ILI9341 screen. Could my memory be full? How do I solve this problem? How do I know if my memory is full? Thank you.

I am a novice engineer


You an increase LV_MEM_SIZE in lv_conf.h to increase the memory size.

To see the current memory usage just enable LV_USE_MEM_MONITOR also in lv_conf.h.

Do you use lv_conf.h directly or Kconfig?

I am not good enough at this. I am using ESP32. I made 10 different screens and I switch between screens. However, after a point, it gets stuck on a page even though I have made no mistakes. I think I need to increase his memory. I renew my license every month. Could you please tell me?

To save memory you can also use the Temporary screen feature of SLS: Widget types | SquareLine Studio

I saw you throw it, but I couldn’t see any information on how to use it. Can you help?..

Is the part you are talking about done from the envent section?

You can find this option here: