Image export problem

What do you want to achieve?

Use exported code form SLS on real HW.

What have you tried so far?

Export project via SLS and re-export image as C file via web image converter

Screenshot or video

This is image in SLS:

This is image on real HW:

I converted this image via web image converter and use array for 16bit image (LV_COLOR_DEPTH == 16 && LV_COLOR_16_SWAP != 0) and it is showing OK at my LCD, but this is not workflow which I would expect. If I upload array for 8bit image from web image converter file, result is similar at the LCD is pretty similar, but not exactly the same.

I tried TFT-eSPi and Adafruit GFX (+ Adafruit Ili9341 driver) library and result is the same in both cases.


  • SquareLine Studio version:
    Tested with 1.0.2 and 1.0.3
  • Operating system:
    Windows 10 x64
  • Target hardware:
    ESP32 with Ili9341 320x240px, Arduino IDE.

I never noticed your post and have posted exactly the same issue !
I don’t understand why this is happening as the SquareLine Studio examples on the website show UI’s constructed entirely of images and yet we can’t seem to get even simple images to display :frowning:


File->Project Settings->Depth 16 Bits


Thanks @Skorpi , I completely forget about project settings :man_facepalming:

This way the first time when the SLS community helped to answer a question!

So happy to see that! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks you very much! I hope we will have an active and helpful community here with a welcoming atmosphere! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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My too :slight_smile:
Great job - got my images working fine now :tada: