Image quality RGB565


We work now with LVGL and squareline but we encounter some problem on our display.

Before we used touchGFX and the image quality was great.

With the same image file value we do not have the same quality.

Have you an idea on how we can increase the quality of the image displayed.

We also have problem with the font, on a black background and text white it looks fine but on a white background and text black it looks bad.

Is there a way to correct these problems ?

Thank you

Best Regards


Can you send a screen shout about the issue?

In the LVGL file you can see the number 1 button that is not so well displayed as the keyboard TGFX.

Also the round buttton and the image are not well displayed. And the font of the text pressure.

We currently use another font for the text that is bigger than the used in the TGFX project.

In the lvgl file you can see that there is some pixel that are not well displayed around the element.

We search there is maybe a problem with our display driver.

We tried to copy the framebuffer of the TGFX project and display it in the new lvgl project.


In fact we had the display clock not synchronized with the color line !

Now it works perfectly.

Best Regards