Implementation workflow documentation for ESP-IDF

What do you want to achieve?

Hello Squareline Team & Community. We are investigating the possibility to move away from the STMic******nics gfx & comm solutions and currently looking at the Expressif line of connectivity silicon, LVGL and SquareLine Studio as GUI. The goal is to template a functional implementation using:

  1. ESP-IDF
  2. LVGL
  3. SquareLine Studio

My question: Does Squareline Studio’s documentation touch on the implementation process for this toolchain solution? I’ve looked and couldn’t find any. Unless I’ve overlooked, I’d be grateful to be linked up.

ps. for the record we’ve only installed the ESP-IDF toolchain yesterday. So all this is rather new to us.

What have you tried so far?

Looked under documentation at:


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.0.5
  • Operating system: Win10
  • Target hardware: Expressif


Alternatively, is there a esp-idf sample project that we can download from anywhere? I’ve spent a few minutes looking for an implementation and couldn’t find one anywhere (github, 3w tutorials, etc).

Ideally just one screen with a button. As long as we can see how this all implements and able to compile it, we’ll move on to dev hardware procurement and delegate this internally.

If anyone of you can help with that it would be great.


We will add a n ASP example in the next release.

Until that I suggest taking a look at the amazing videos of ThatProject:

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Hi SLS Support

Appreciate the link up, I had a quick look although this appears to be arduino based. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to begin in those environments. Certainly does look amazing, agree.

I had a go at that esp-idf and have something that compile perfectly fine, although God knows if this is the correct way to do it. Does work and so the proof-of-concept is valid - SLS and LVGL does indeed impress, as per a friend recommendation!

Adding a static reference visual until SLS has something more official to share in its future releases.
Looking forward.