Import Project , nothing happen

What do you want to achieve?

Just import my project created on sls v1.1.0 on new sls v1.1.1.

What have you tried so far?

Just click on import project on starting page
But the project is not imported and nothing appears.

Screenshot or video


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  • Operating system:
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I also had this problem on Ubuntu 22.04.
Must use sudo privileges to do this… :innocent:

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Ha yes ok ! thanks a lot i would never think to this !

Was it working on Windows with Administrator permission only?

Maybe have you saved your project to a location which needs extra privileges (e.g. into Program Files)?

I think this problem come from x11 desktop environment !
I fixed this problem with the step below:
On Ubuntu 22.04:
1- download and extract
2- Open file name squareline_studio.desktop.template
3- find line:
Exec="__folder__/SquareLine_Studio.x86_64" %U
and replace with :

Exec=bash -c "export GDK_BACKEND=x11 && __folder__/SquareLine_Studio.x86_64"

save it !
4- run script ./

Done !
run SquareLine_Studio.x86_64 software and Enjoy …

Thanks! I’ll keep in mind if others report similar issue.

Note that doing export GDK_BACKEND=x11 this way disappears if you restart your PC.

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