Inconsistent Code Indentation in Exported Files ui_events.c

What do you want to achieve?

I would like to request the implementation of consistent code indentation across all the exported C language files, including the ui_events.c file.

Currently, Squareline Studio exports code with spaces as indentation in most files, but it uses tabs for indentation in the ui_events.c file.

In the following snippet, it is a tab instead of space before the comments.

void ColorWheelNewValue(lv_event_t * e)
	// Your code here

Achieving uniformity in indentation style would improve code readability and maintainability for users who work with the exported codebase.

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

As of now, users who wish to maintain consistent code indentation must manually adjust the ui_events.c file after it has been exported.

Best regards,
Hays Chan