Independently adjust corner radius

It would be great if there was a way to set the individual corner radius of
widgets like Buttons, Panel, Etc. This is crucial to many design concepts, layouts and for making unique shapes. Also if panel variants like triangle was available right in the widgets pane.

An example would be building a button panel like this
Group 7
I’m not sure how to round just the ends of the two end cap buttons in a situation like this besides using image buttons.
Or another example would be the “clear” button to the right this window.
Sample screen clear button

LVGL-8.3 document Style properties — LVGL documentation says that this property sets radius ‘on every corner’.
But SquareLine is flexible enough to create what you want: Start from a ‘simplified’ theme at project creation, then with your preferred background (gray) and outline-color (green) create a new ‘Panel’, and add the three buttons and separator lines inside with a flex-layout.

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