[inspector] change settings font for non default settings

What do you want to achieve?

Having a hard time to see which settings are non default after setting them. Making the title of the property into another font/colour/bold etc will allow immediate recognition to see which are non default

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

Always expand those settings that are not default/set by the user

If I get it correctly, you’d like to always see what the default values for the settings are in the inspector panel. They could be shown bold in the dropdown lists, and described in braces beside the checkable flags whether checked or unchecked is the SquareLine default. Thanks for the idea, we’ll note it down and take it into consideration.

maybe a better description would be “an visual indication” for those properties set/changed by the user. See this screenshot of a checkbox in the i[nspector]

There is no visual indication which properties are set, if for example the font/color etc would have been different for [background] it would be easier to spot that that property has been set to something else then the default values