Interaction.c missing

What do you want to achieve?

I want to change screen on the press of a button.

What have you tried so far?

I have setup a CLICKED event in SLS and attached a CHANGE SCREEN action.
When I generate the code, the interaction.c file is not generated as suggested on the SLS website and I get the compile error undefined reference to `_ui_screen_change’.

Screenshot or video



SLS 1.0.3

Sorry, it was a typo in the docs. It should be ui_events.c.

_ui_screen_change is in ui_helper.c/h. Can you see it there?

I don’t see ui_event.c in my exported files.
Yes, I do see _ui_screen_change in ui_helper.c


In ui_events.c only “Call function” actions are added.

Are you sure ui_helper.c is compiled? Try adding #error "hello" in it. Do you see the “hello” error message on compile?

Okay, so I only have Change Screen events at the moment so I guess that is why ui_events.c is not being exported.
Sorry, my mistake, I had omitted to add ui_helper.c to my Makefile :frowning:

Thanks for the advice.

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Happy to hear it’s solved! :slight_smile: