Is SLS 1.1.0 changing variable names

I have just re-compiled a project that has not been touched since I updated to the release version of SLS. I notice I am now getting lots of errors such as:

ui/ui_events.c:120:25: error: ‘ui_ibControllerSingleStep’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘ui_ibControllerSingleStep1’?
    lv_imgbtn_set_state( ui_ibControllerSingleStep, LV_IMGBTN_STATE_PRESSED );

Is SLS 1.1.0 renaming controls !


It shouldn’t happen, we are looking into it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t reproduce it. Some questions:

  • Which name do you see in the Hierarchy?
  • Which name do you see in the Inspector panel?
  • Were other object also renamed?
  • Is it reproducible on you side? I.e. do you see it all the time when you load the original v1.0.5 (or different version?) project into v1.1?

Both the Hierarchy and Inspector panel show the 1 on the end.
Yes, other objects were renamed.
I have emailed you the ui.h file from before and after, you can see at least the following widgets have been renamed: