Is there a way to import/export a page from another project?

In squareline studio , is it possible to export a page that i would use in multiple other projects?

Say i had a line up of products and different software versions for machines, they would all be different and have different purposes (ex: refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher) but all the same brand and some pages would essentially be the same (Company contact info, Keyboard/Numpad page, wifi login etc)

I think its a very basic feature that should be included in squareline, i feel its not there, am i wrong?

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Thanks for asserting the need for such function. Something like that has been asked already ( Option to design standalone UI elements that can be easily added to an existing UI and Loading screens from SD card - #3 by Thomas1955 ) and several tips were tried (I even shared a zip file at V1.4.0 CPU usage is too high - #2 by Hermit), but the feature is not yet implemented in SquareLine Studio v1.

Hope you can add it soon, or just the ability to hold a page in the Copy buffer , switch to another project and paste it (same thing but maybe simpler on your end to develop? )

Yes, a clipboard is a possible solution that is easier to handle. Thanks for the suggestion.

Here is the link where solution was suggested. We used it and it works. I still copy screens this way.

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thanks, thats pretty hacky but ill take whatever works for now.