Is there an easy way to list all the fonts in use?

I am looking for an easy way to list all the fonts that I have used in the screens. During the design process I often change font sizes etc. to see what looks best and often neglect to write down which ones are in use so that I can mark them correctly in lv_conf.h.

Is there a magic way to list all the font sizes that are referenced in the screens?

Currently i am resigned to trying to compile and waiting for Arduino IDE to throw an error each time, edit lv_conf.h and try compiling again.

Do hope I am missing a trick here.


Normally the different-size built-in Montserrat fonts are enabled/disabled automatically in lv_conf.h when you export the UI-files or a project-template. This was just tested (in SLS-v1.3.3). Just a tip: Maybe you left lv_conf.h opened and SquareLine Studio was unable to update it.