Is there away to create pie chart with in squarestudio

is there a way to create a pie chart from within squarestudio - I tried using arc but i can not seam to beable to adjust to play nice - basically all that missing is a removal of the “knob characteristics” and basically have a flat line instead of rounded … or will I have to manually adjust the characteristics outside of squarestudio


okay i found the option to disable the roundness and was able to create piechart


Solution :
since there currently no meter wigdet in squareline. here a basic work around to create pie charts using arc widget with in squareline
using the default widget size if of different size.some will have to be adjusted. (ie 73)

  1. bg start angle = 0
  2. bg end angle = 360
  3. rotation= 270
    Style settings (main) → arc
  4. set colour ( will be your main pie chart colour)
  5. set width = 73
  6. check first check mark arc rounded
    Style settings (indicator) → arc
  7. set colour ( secondary pie chart colour)
  8. set width = 73
  9. check the first check mark of arc rounded
  10. 255-255-255-255 (white)
  11. blend → multiply
    *copy widget and modify the copy *
  12. Blend → multiply
  13. arc → colour change 255-255-255-255
  14. arc → change colour (this will be your third pie chart colour)
    now copy this arc widget for each subsequent piece of the pie and change its style(indicator) arc colour

okay good luck have fun

LVGL has the meter widget too, but it’s no available in SquareLine yet.

However you can added from code after ui_init().

See this example:

thank you for the reply – I was think of doing that. but using arc widget was not too difficult and it WYSIWYG. doing out side of squareline would be a bit of trial and error to get the look I wanted