Issue with image on button

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to place image on button

What have you tried so far?

tired it with simulated working ok. but when i put that code in STM IDE its show error when complie

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The problem is likely to be the different LVGL major version. The exported code is LVGL 8.3 compatible, but LVGL9 contained API-changes, one of them is the structs/enumerations of colors/images. I guess you should ensure that LVGL 8 is set/included in STM IDE, not the newest LVGL major version 9.

Hi Hermit thanks for your comment. I had switched version to 8.3.11. built the code that part error is removed but some other error raised as below

It seems the Cube-IDE compiler has problems with missing functions, i.e. missing header inclusions. I guess you should set lvgl, display-driver, etc. include paths in CubeIDE for the project if it’s not done automatically by some automatic library-selection menu. ( a forum-link after a fast web-search: Where to add new .h and .cpp file in STM32CubeIDE project - Stack Overflow )
Checking the lv_port_stm32f746 github page reveals there’s also a CMake-based, maybe you can try building a demo with that as a starting point, then if it works, build your own project with included ui/drivers/etc. (But CMake also needs some inclusions for the added extra libraries, be it driver/lvgl/ui/watever. )