License not recognized after update to 1.1.x

We have a license with 2 users and it was working before updating to the first 1.1 release (I was one of the users and the UI designer was using the other license).
After I upgraded It showed that I was in trial period again so I said ok, can live with that till it expires and then log in to get the license.
Now I needed to check something in SLS and I ligged in but it sees just the personal license on the account, not the paid ones. If I log into the account from browser I can see them but they are assigned to a pc (expected as we were using them) but somehow it does not recognise my pc as one of them (I do not have admin rights and at the end of the install it gives some error that can’y create some files and registries)


  • **SquareLine Studio version: 1.1.0 and 1.1.1
  • **Operating system: Windows


It’s strange. It can happen only if the hardware key that SLS generates from your computers IDs changed and SLS thinks now it’s a different computer. Some questions:

  • Wasn’t the trial period restarted from 30 day?
  • Maybe did you use a different account by accident?

Anyway you can solve this issue by logging into your account on, go to the Licenses menu and click the Revoke button. After that the license should appear in the list when log in into SLS.

It restarted from 30 days.
Is the hardware key stored in the install folder or somewhere in the system folders or registries? Because as I do not have admin rights (corporate rules…) I get some access denied errors at the end of the install (shortcut creation?, registry entries creation failed) so I suspect those to be the root cause.

I will do the revoke stuff then.

The hardware key is generated on the fly from HW IDs. Probably it has been changes somehow.