Licenses - let me buy one or actually check a license is still in use if not an offline assigned one

I am very frustrated by this software, it’s lucky this version mostly works interface wise, kudos there, as I have been close to recommending against squareline due to last versions and bugs.
Today I had the software allow me to open it with 0days left, repeatedly and happily. Now there was the odd issue like it keeps crashing when I leave the save dialog open and switch to vlc or finder for a bit (to organise folders etc or distracted by vlc) and the save dialog +squareline become unresponsive.
Macosx 13.2.1.
Now after about 3 or 4 repeats of this I now got told I couldn’t use the trial so I signed in and now I can’t open it as it says no license assigned to computer, and can’t pay for it as a VAT number is required (Not recommended for companies earning under 70k to be VAT registered but still required by you).
It’s totally unusable. It’s probably allowed to be used on the windows laptop but that’s not with me right now (it was the only pc signed in, out of 3, but now the mac is too with no license available/assigned but using the same account)

Having now faced the situation multiple times, and even tried signing up a second personal account, it appears the first login doesn’t retrieve any license, but a subsequent login five minutes later did find the personal license for my new account (but I accidentally logged into it rather than my old account which I just upgraded). In that time I’d filled in a fake VAT number, and bought the SME license for my older main account(@googlemail), which was also then found. (Linux ubuntu 22.04)

I think the bug is related to running 1.2.3 on an old version expired trial, doesn’t find a personal license upon first login attempt.
Maybe you can see the logins for tyethgundry@gmail and and trace something…