Licensing in next releases

Is it plausible to hope that in a future version you will be more generous in licensing for personal use?

We’ll try to be as generous as possible. I’ll forward this ‘request’ to those who decide on personal licensing.

Consider a licensing price for a very small business, too.
A lone developer.

Thanks for specifying the exact request. We’ll see what we can do.

This is where we art too - a pre revenue startup so every penny counts. nearly $800 for us for occasional use is right at the limits of what we can afford now there are other entrants in the market. Bearing in mind we’ve also had to roll back several updates due to the really poor reliability of the last few squareline releases, I’m struggling to see the value for an $800/year license.

I’m the same way. Great software, but once I should fall into the paid part it’s too expensive. I don’t really understand the limitations on the number of components. Whether one component or 3 doesn’t matter to me. It’s not enough either way.