Lilygo T-RGB Modules with SLS, TRGBArduinosupport lib and LVGL

What do you want to achieve?

Using the TRGBArduinosupport lib for all three versions of Lilygo T-RGB (Touch-Chip FT3267, CST820 and GT911) to ease three-platform development

What have you tried so far?

Using SLS, but TRGBArduinosupoort only works for FT3267, buggy for the other two versions

Screenshot or video


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.2
  • Operating system: WIN 11
  • Target hardware: ESP32-S3

I am using SLS for creating the UI for an application which should run on all three version of Lilygo T-RGB.

Produkt info

To ease the pain of using LVGL “manually” I am using the wrapper lib by Ian Hubbertz:


The lib works fine with the FT3267 version, but Touch functions do not work with the GST820 version and even graphics and touch do not work with the 2.8" large GT911 version.

FMPOV my environment is OK, and code compiles w/o errors for all three targets (VS code with PlatformIO).

Ian has released an updated version in 12/2022 which should work with all models, but it isn’t, and also a lack of documentation. Seeking for a solution for a working library for all three hardware versions. All support is highly appreciated , willing to pay. Can supply free of charge with all three hardware items for support

I think it’s the realm of LVGL and the Lilygo manufacturer. The issues with the drivers should be solved first, then an all-in-one board-template could be made from it, which supports all the boards. A quick read about the touchscreen chips on the TRGBArduinosupport page revealed that not all of the mentioned models use the same touchscreen-chip and there are some discrepancies/issues in the manufacturer’s drivers/settings. That needs to be resolved and configured/aggregated somehow in the ‘all-in-one’ solution… maybe there are more answers at LVGL forum and more chance for people who would like to do the work for you, I see you posted there too: Lilygo T-RGB Displays, LVGL & TRGBArduinospport lib - help needed - How-to - LVGL Forum
Good luck…

Many thanks for your reply, but I think it is no realm of Lilygo and LVGL, as both items work together. It is just a lack of documentation and consistency of the mentioned lib TRGBArduinosupport. Of course, all three board versions are using different hardware, and that’s the main reason that this lib is very useful to adopt all three board versions to LVGL and, last but not least to SLS. So my main intent is, to get this lib up and running on all three T-RGB boards.

Your idea is completely bad. For LCD exist and is profi maintain more good libs. Your TRGB… was created for noobs , that not understand anythink about controllers . Create libs for any eval board on the world is waste of …
Try learn for example ArduinoGFX or next libs with verion number bigger as 0.0.

Many thanks for your friendly and important thoughts. Highly appreciated.