LilyGO T4 S3 2.41" AMOLED display

My friend Mike Morrow and I have be working on this GPS project for a few weeks. As there wasn’t any drivers for it in the TFT_eSPI library, we resorted to my method of copy&paste hack. This is just for our personal use and to keep Mike busy. It’s a little hard when we are in different timezones 15 hours apart.

Is the screen too busy? Other options are to add a second screen.

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As far as we see you have a small display, therefore it is indeed a bit crowded, a second screen would make sense. Nice work!

Thanks, we are working on hidding some of the fields until a button is pressed.

Consider looking into Lilygo’s T-Panel S3 Lite or even a Makerfabs MTESPS37.

To make things easier, I have made SquareLine Studio board packages for the Makerfabs here:

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