Looking for a Basic Program - Button starts a timer

I’m new to Squareline and a pretty green Arduino programmer. I’m looking for a very basic project that I can look over and try to figure out how all this works. I really just want a button on the screen that when pressed starts a timer that is on the screen. Any help for a newbie would be much appreciated.

The built-in examples in SquareLine Studio at this moment are not that simple, like a simple button and a timer. Timers are usually made in the exported code (a variable increased in the main loop or a more precise timer by lv_timer), startable/stoppable with an event on the button with ‘CALL_FUNCTION’ action. That’s not the simplest example though as it needs extra coding beside ‘ui’ folder after exporting from SquareLine Studio. I attached a simple example which can be done right in SquareLine Studio that increases a bar’s value when the button is pressed: ButtonIncreasesBar.zip (7.0 KB). If you change the action of the button to ‘CALL_FUNCTION’ and add a function-name, that can have any combination of timer-setting/whatever coded by you in the function-template exported.