Lost several days of work after reopening a project

The title sort of says it all. I closed a project, re-opened it, and several screens, with all widgets, were missing. I checked the backup folders and autosaves, and the screens were missing there too. It appears that squareline simply failed to save my progress for several days, despite autosave notifications and manual saves. How can I recover my lost work?

Missing you mean dont exist or not rendered checkboard? Maybe you use save as to other place…

Missing entirely. Totally gone from the project.

[edit] Just to clarify, I did not save to another directory. I selected File → Save manually. Can someone please help me with this? Not sure how I can justify paying for this software when something as fundamental as save functionality is unreliable.

I use this sw more as half year and never have this issue. But yes SQS have totaly unusable UNDO and if is in corrupted state and you use it result is your state.
I never use UNDO…

I am sorry to hear you ran into this wall. We have received 2 similar issues in the last couple of day. Here are three next steps we can take now, to try and find the reason:

  1. There is a console tab in the editor that writes out error messages. Could you share the error message if there is any upon loading your project?
  2. You can share the log file, depending on your OS, you will find them here: Troubleshooting | SquareLine Studio
  3. You can Zip and send us your project file (if at all you have a saved copy of it) so we can take a look. I understand if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

We have a clue as to what may cause this, and are about to release a new version, which should address the issue.