Lot of serious bugs v1.4.0

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Open my project and continue working on it

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nothing, do not know where to start

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MacOS Monterey (Intel i7)

The error is: after importing the project, a “Rebuilding all screens…” message appeared and cannot continue the development. I did not do anything, previously it worked. Please help me.
Error in the attachment:

… ok deleting and recreating the widget in the error log solved the issue, but after a couple of editor restarts, another widget throw this error. It’s kind of a never-ending game…
and found another bug: when exporting the project there are missing UI widgets (textarea), also some widgets has different (random) position than in the editor. Rebuild all screens did not help. update1: taking a closer look, it seems the coordinate system of the editor is different than the exported project. For example, the Y coordinate of my widget in the editor is 187, however there are an old widget in the same Y position with value of 95. And i guess this is same for the X coordinate (45 vs. -210).

…also it seems the editor randomly forgets settings that I’ve already set (ie. export path for project).

…in addition, I can confirm that the drawing performance degraded from SLS 1.3.3 to 1.4.0, ie. moving the colorwheel knob started to lag, also when opening up the dropdown widget i can see noticeable drawing delay which was not present before (maybe LVGL 8.3.11 has brought in to the picture, i do not really know)

…and not to mention the CPU load is around constant 100% when working with the SLS editor (maybe it is because of i am using the Intel version of SquareLine Studio on Mac, but this is not acceptable under any circumstances…

I really disappointed with this version of SquareLine studio

I have the same error, just adding a new sceen, save the project, close the projet and reopen it →

thanks @Syr0x that does it.

the most annoying however is that the textarea has wrong X and Y coordinates generated in the editor. So i cannot estimate the exact position where it will be rendered… at least this should be fixed in the next release :frowning:

Indeed, TextArea coordinates are set and exported for ‘TOP_LEFT’ orientation in SquareLine Studio, not respecting if there’s ‘CENTER’ set in alignment field. I’ll report this to the respective team. Until that the workaround is to set ‘TOP_LEFT’ in the Inspector panel so that the export will be correct.

thank you @Hermit i’m gonna try it.

also, found another bug: i copied my project files from Mac (macOS Monterey) to another computer (Windows10). The SLS version is the same (1.4.0) on both. I could open the projects, edit, then save. Once I wanted to open the project on my Mac which was saved on Windows10 , it says “The document could not be opened”, see:

did i lost all my work i’m done on the windows??

Can you send the log-file (or maybe projectfile) to forum@squareline.io? (info about log-file location: Troubleshooting | SquareLine Studio). I suspect that you got some unix permission changes while you were on Windows (maybe try chmod-ing all files to e.g. 644), but maybe it’s some project-path setting specific issue. A log file could tell more about the real cause…

i can send you the log file here:
Player.log.zip (1.9 KB)

does not contain anything interested. However, one thing i did not mention: as i do not want to revoke my licence all the time i created another user for my windows desktop, so when i am at home i can do my work there (big display, more convenient…), during traveling i can use my other licence with my macbook.
Does it have any effect on the issue?

@t_c : Response from the server-admin staff: Maybe you should try logging out from SquareLine Studio, then logging in again. (This regenerates some stuff for the licence-server that you might need for switching between your 2 machines.)

hi @Hermit

unfortunately this does not work :frowning: tried to log out the close, restart and log in… no effect, still seeing the same issue. do you have estimation when will the new release roll out? until that i have to use my other machine to develop.

The new release is coming out very soon.