MAC User Interface

What do you want to achieve?

Let’s improve user interface for MAC os users.

It would be nice to remap control based shortcuts to command based ones. Most mac users are used to click e.g. cmd + S instead of ctrl + S. Or allow users to customize them alone.

Adapt UI to work with trackpad. E.g. Pinch to zoom, two finger move etc.

Move “File”, “Export” and “Help” tabs to mac os native Menu Bar.

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Thanks for pointing these out. We will definitely improve these.

The scrolling and scaling of the screens views is unruly to me — at least on my Mac using standard magic mouse. A single finger scroll (like a scroll wheel) should scroll vertically not adjust the scale. And shift scroll should scroll horizontally. The scroll bars are too small, I really have to slow down and get the pointer juuuust right (and somehow that seems to be above the bars, not on the bars).

Meanwhile the scaling is disorienting (and way too sensitive). It doesn’t scale from the center of what I am already viewing, there’s some other anchor being used, and scaling always ends up in the wrong place requiring the (tasking) scrolling. So in general I find moving around the screen views quite challenging.

Obviously a lot of standard software behaviors missing, but no undo for widget position changes? Yikes. Really need that.

Played for a couple hours. Interesting. I’m sure it’s a lot of work to implement (more than I’m capable of), but price point seems high for how far along this is and all the rough edges. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hi, thanks for the comments. We will think about how we can solve these.

Same here. I have a lot of screens and it is very hard to get to the screen that I want to edit. The scrollbar is almost impossible to grab and there is no alternative way to change the screens view.

Some suggestions:

Keyboard shortcuts:
Left / right arrows to switch between the screens (centering them in the viewer)
Up / Down arrows to select previous / next widget
Ctrl-A to fit all screens
Ctrl-F to fit current screen

in the Hierarchy view:
It would be nice to be able to jump to the selected Screen or widget. Perhaps with a double mouse click?
There is also no navigating the hierarchy via keyboard - again, up/down arrows would be convenient to do this.


These also make sense.
Now we are working on adding new widgets and layouts, but after we are planning to add some usability and visual updates.