MacOS version is available


We have just publish the MacOS version of v1.0.4. You can download it from HERE.

It’s a brand new stuff, so feedback is very welcome! :slight_smile:


I see the first problem from the very beginning.
I am using screen scaling on MacBook Air 2020 with Retina display and whole interface is very tiny :slight_smile: Look at the screenshot in attachment. Calc app is only for comparision.

You can choose the UI scale in the file menu / preferences / us scale

Hi all the staff, I installed the Mac version yesterday but I have problems with the license, although I registered previously it tells me that the license is not usable. I state that while waiting for the version for Mac I downloaded the version for PC but before logging in with Mac I logged out on the Windows one. Since you have now published the version for Mac I would like to use this version and can I do it ???
Thank you
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In Windows you can revoke the license from the File/Preferences menu. After that it will be available on Mac.

Note that a license can be used only on one device.

I have installed squareline on my MacOs and everything seems to work fine except Add files into assets. It won’t let me add and squareline crashes.
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We will check that, thanks!

Which OSX version and computer do you use?

First of all, congratulations for such a magnificent job in building this great program. I find the ease of its graphical interface impressive and super powerful for having decided to create it around LVGL. Second thank you for the prompt response. I enclose an image with all the characteristics of the Mac and version of the operating system.

We have found the root of the issue and will fix it in the next release.

Until that please manually copy the images/fonts to the assets folder in the project folder.