Maximum Widget number on personal license

I have version 1.3.2 and I hadn’t used it for a couple of months. Today I reopened some previous projects, all with about 60 widgets (arcs and labels). I tried to add one new widget but I get an error message stating that “only 50 widgets are allowed with personal licence”. I am confused because:

  1. the license page says personal license allows max 150 widget
  2. I was already able to add more than 50 widgets in the past.
    Am I missing something?

SquareLine Studio starting with version 1.3.3 allows 150 widgets (see ChangeLog at Changelog | SquareLine Studio). Therefore we recommend you to use SquareLine Studio v1.3.4 to solve your problem.

Thanks @Hermit, I will do that tonight. However, if the number of widget was raised to 150 in version 1.3.3 as you say, I am still unclear how I could insert 60 widgets when I first created my project with version 1.3.2…