Meaning of the colored circles next to screens

In Squareline Studio, I’ve noticed that there are colored circles displayed next to some screens listed in the Screens panel, while others don’t have any color indicator. For example, the “SelectDosePastUnit screen” has a green circle, the “Startup Screen” and “InputConc Screen” have red circles, but many other screens don’t have any colored circle next to them.
Could you please explain what these colored circles signify and why they are only present for certain screens?

The new 1.4.1 version of SquareLine Studio got a new error-detection system that checks if events are assigned to screens/etc. and whether there is missing data anywhere. If the screen has an event set but some essential information (like target of the event) is missing you’ll get the red dots before the screen names (you can also see them explained in the new ‘Errors’ panel). If the event’s fields are filled correctly it will show a green dot beside the screen-name.

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