Memory leak? Squareline gets very slow after some minutes (mac os)

Its not an issue with recent version, as I’ve had this issue since I started using it some versions ago.
It looks like after some time using it, let say around 10 mins. max, the program gets so slow its almost impossible to type, like you type a whole phrase and it will get written very slow word per word. It gets resolved saving the project, closing squareline and opening again, but its annoying doing it so much times while working on it.

Video: (will record and upload)


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.0
  • Operating system: mac os 13
  • Target hardware: apple m1

Thanks for the feedback, yes there is a slowdown problem now, we are working on it, we will fix it in the next version.

Yes please, its hard to use it on big projects.
Video where I type 2 words (instantly of course) and it take ages to being written letter by letter: