Missing Meter and Line Widget

I’m missing the Meter and the Line Widget!?
They are shown on SquareLine Studio - YouTube but i can’t find them in the free Trail Version, not ready now or not support by the Trail?

Meter is a quite complex widget and we still considering how to make it the easiest to configure. We need to develop some new controls handle these kind of widgets where sub items can be added dynamically.

Regarding the Line, we simply didn’t have time finish it, so finally it was removed.

We are about support as much LVGL widget as possible so both meter and line will be added in an upcoming version.


Is there a way to develop our own Widgets or edit the .ELOJB files?

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We will add more widgets in the new releases. Our main focus now is on a the style and component editor.

The elojb files are not public now. It’s mainly because their format and specs might change in the future.

Just thought I would bump this topic. Personally, I’m really looking forward to having a meter widget. I’ve been using Squareline for only a couple of weeks now and really like it and I would love to switch away from GUI-Guider. GUI-Guider has a meter widget which I need for my project, but Squareline is just sooooo much nicer to use. I know I won’t have much of a say in what gets priority in development, but the least I can do is add a voice to this topic.

Thanks for you efforts making such a great product!