Missing SSL certificate for the download of board definitions

What do you want to achieve?

V1.4.1 to work.

What have you tried so far?

Downloaded and installed newest version.


Getting errors:
Curl error 60: Cert verify failed. Certificate Common Name(CN) does not match with the expected CN. UnityTls error code: 7
Error: Could’t download the board list: SSL CA certificate error

Errors can be found in: C:\Users<username>\AppData\LocalLow\SquareLine Kft_\SquareLine_Studio\player.log

I interpret this as there is a certificate error where the board definitions are located.


Thanks for the feedback. This seems to be an issue that’s hard to reproduce. In case you face it continuously we might better get contacted and try to resolve it. A possible workaround could be to uninstall and reinstall the application, maybe different versions of it, like 1.3.4 or 1.4.0, according to what we could find out so far.

I have reinstalled v1.4.0 and the boards are in the panel again. So I think it is an issue with v1.4.1 that is not able to contact your server for board definitions for v1.4.1.

The error codes are from v1.4.1 when I upgraded to that version. I will try to upgrade again tomorrow, but it is odd that one version works, and the other does not. And the error says directly that it is a problem with the certificate where the Common Name does not match the certificate. So it is on your servers part there is an issue, I guess.


There have been changes in the server because people had similar issues in the near past with the board-downloading from GitHub. Now SquareLine Studio uses a local server, and there might still be some issues to solve. We’ll see, and solve it asap.

I did a reinstallation today with v1.4.1, without any problems.

All boards are there and the possibility to choose between lvgl v1.8x or v1.9.x.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to play with it until next week…

But thanks…



Good to hear it’s finally working for you. I might be solvable by clean reinstallation then. AFAIK there are advances about determining the exact causes, but thanks for sharing the information.