MOVE_LEFT action does not move completely left, same with MOVE_RIGHT

What do you want to achieve?

Two screens with a button on each screen (simple test app). Click the button on screen 1 and invoke a MOVE_LEFT action to screen 2. Click the button on screen 2 and invoke a MOVE_RIGHT action to screen 1. The move motion often does not complete, and I’m not sure why.

What have you tried so far?

I tried changing the action from gesture to click, but no difference. This support post (I’m new). This is a simple test application

Screenshot or video!ApthP6mphz-10LltzNYFA9C1fAhDpQ


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.31
  • Operating system: Raspbian (x64)
  • Target hardware: Raspberry Pi 4b using SDL and 800x800 touch screen


Do you see the effect is SquareLine Studio as well?

If so, can you share your project?

I don’t see the same problem in SquareLine Studio. How should I share the project (sorry first time posting here). Just zip the spj file and attach it, or post some download link?

Spj file

I’m sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, I cannot open the project from a single spj file. Please ZIP and send the whole project folder.

Your system flagged me as spam trying to post a link to the zip. Now it seems I am unable to post any link. It was OneDrive, which is what I posted before. Very frustrating.

Trying to post a link again using Google Drive - code

Interesting finding, and some more detail here. I’m using Raspberry Pi 4b (8gb) with a 800 x 800 touch display. I have the display driver installed, and the desktop UI works fine on the Pi (with touch).

For my project I’m using SDL2, LVGL (8.3), lv_drivers (8.3). I have a total of 3 Raspberry Pi machines running. The first 2 are 32 bit, and the third one is using a 64 bit OS and compiler.

Same exact source code between all 3 machines, however the 64 bit one seems to lock up when i transitions from screen 1 to screen 2. I can see about 10% of screen 2 start to slide over and then stops. The application seems to be completely locked up.

Not sure if that helps, but that’s a difference I see between 32 and 64 bit. I tried 64 bit because I was wondering if that was part of the problem. Scrolling performance seems really slow.

I used this method in my app. Currently the app does not really do anything yet, just runs the LVGL project.

Build a C GUI Application With LVGL and an SDL2 As the Backend | by Mattia Maldini | Better Programming

I got it working, but then I saw the problem with transitioning between screens and started this post.