Moving objects by click and dragging does not always work

What do you want to achieve?

To be able to move an added object easily

What have you tried so far?

clicking and dragging many many many times on the object until it finally decides it is going to move

Screenshot or video

Don’t have one but I can make one if it is requested


  • SquareLine Studio version:
    I am guessing 1.1.1 because that is what is show on the help webpage. There is no “about” menu item that typically would display a dialog that includes all of the version information

  • Operating system:
    Windows 11

  • Target hardware:
    My target hardware would be Expressif if I was able to have it generate Micropython code for the ESP32. But since the Micropython option is only available for Unix that is the target I have selected.

Just to let you know when I click on the object to select it the object does get selected correctly It simply does not want to drag unless I click and drag in some cases 40+ times. It is quite frustrating.

I see this issue also and have reported it in the past.
I find it particular bad when you are zoomed in a bit.


I have to say it is downright annoying. Between that and not being able to select the Espressif boards using Micropython as the exported language I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the monthly cost of this program.

You also have the rather odd behavior of the center of an object being the “0, 0” coords for that object. I have dealt with a couple of different GUI frameworks and this I have got to say I have never seen before. It has always been the upper left of the object is 0, 0. This makes it rather hard when wanting to position items on the screen. Because the screen is also set like that as well.

I still have not managed to figure out how to display the screen in the editor so that I am able to see everything I have added including the scrollable contents. If I want to have 2 “pages” if you will and I set the display size up to have double the height when I run the program the screen ends up centered so I can see 1/2 of one page and 1/2 of another. And it will not let me scroll the screen down but I can scroll it up just fine.

There are a lot of bugs that need to be addressed. They are basic functionality problems like the one above that should have been fixed in the release after the bug was first mentioned.

I can also say that the python code generation is not all that fantastic either. I ended up changing the whole thing and it does the same job using 1/3rd of the code.

Another thing is there is no basic drawing functionality and only the core widgets have been added and I do not see a way to add widgets of my own. Very limited in what it can do and I am feeling that it is not worth the pretty high price tag.

On a side note: I do really hate the whole subscription model. what happened to the buy it and own it and if a new version comes out then I can choose to buy that one. Paying monthly should mean there is at a minimum of 1 new version released each month. And not just bug fix releases. There needs to be functionality added with each release.


thank you for the datiled feedback!

Can you confirm it happens when the UI is zoomed in?

It depends on the given board whether it supports MicroPython or not. The ESP boards are added by Espressif directly and it seems they don’t target MicroPython now.

It depends on the Align property of the object. We set it to Center by default but if you change it to TOP_LEFT then the top-left corner will be 0;0 coordinate.

To edit scrollable content the preferred method is really setting the screen size temporarily larger. To avoid the centering issue use TOP_LEFT align as I described above.

Do you mean there are a lot of unnecessary functions calls in the exported MicroPython code?

We are working on adding more widgets. As workaround you can always create a simple panel as a placeholder where you can create any custom widgets from code later.

We do have a lifetime license option too. However for many people the subscription based license is more flexible and affordable.