My AI, weather, media, smart home and energy monitor interface

as small demonstration of my squareline interface that communicates with my 5W openwrt router. that has my OpenwrtAI, energy monitor, domoticz automation, zigbee hub and media centre installed on it .
the entire house has a single AI interface to control everything either by voice or by this squareline wall interface… all software can be found on my github repository


Very nice design for a quite complex project! Congratulations!

Could you link your GitHub repository? :upside_down_face:

sure not a problem - it broken into different sections… and some parts are not all on github
energy monitoring and diversion


as to smarthome monitoring that part of the OpenWrt software repository ( domoticz) and the zigbeehub is that zigbee2mqtt project- you can find info how to set it on one of my post at the openwrt forum . but for switch control on this interface I bypass domoticz completely and just use direct mqtt zigbee2mqtt commands

I have not updated openwrAI for the visualcrossing weather portion yet but provide scripts in the display package including 3d printing of case
found here

and here for the ino for the screen

the visualcrossing scripts are found in the ""

– I might add one more update to this screen - just to get motivated to add my AI allrecipe screen to it… to display and interface with the AI recipe interface to display the recipes, direction and other options

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