Navigation using keypad

Hi guys, I’m implementing navigation between screens using the keypad. There is one problem: you need to switch to the previous screen by pressing the “BACK” button. How to do it? should I make an event on every object that can be in focus to go BACK?

If it’s a hardware keypad you mean, you can handle its button-presses in a custom callback set for the ‘KEYPAD’ indev in any way you like, no need to be on certain objects to go back, just create an ‘if’/‘case’ branch for the ‘BACK’ key and call the back-top-previous screen-change routine. Or if you want to handle the BACK key separately while the other keys are handled in the LVGL callback, you can do it by requesting it directly (if it’s really a hardware key) in the main-loop, and calling screen-load function from there if it’s pressed.