New user having trouble seeing any demo images

Hi everyone!

First time posting! Really excited about this software!

I could use some newbie help.

I’m on a mac, trying to to demo Squareline using the “Audio Player” project, yet when I load the project, I don’t see any graphical elements. (screenshot attached).

I’m sure this is total user error.

Thank you for any guidance.

Hi, please take look at this: Troubleshooting | SquareLine Studio

Thank you for the quick response.
Unfortunately I don’t see that file or folder.

I neglected to mention my system specs:
Mac High Sierra
2.9ghz I7

Maybe this older machine is the problem?

Please search for Player.log on your computer.

Hi – Unfortunately I can’t find that file either. very strange.
Is there a possibility the installation was not fully successful?

Should I try something else?

Update: I was able to install program on another machine and all is well. Seems to be an issue with this specific laptop.

Thank you for the update!