No button to Apply Changes on the Project Settings screen, cannot leave this screen

I am not able to save Project Settings or close this screen. There aren’t buttons on this screen as are shown in videos (Cancel, Apply Settings). Based on the video, there’s no hotkey to save settings, either.

Version 1.3.4 running on Windows 11, HP laptop.

Probably your UI-scale is set too big and you can’t see the lower part of your project-settings window. If the UI-scale was set by you in SquareLine Studio you can revert it to normal with key ‘F9’. If it was not set by you but your system, you’ll probably need to lower it in your display/monitor-settings so you’ll be able to lower the UI-scale in SquareLine Studio.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve confirmed this myself by running on my shop computer, which has a higher display resolution and does display these buttons. I haven’t changed the UI scale in SquareLine. I’ll have to look for relevant setting on the laptop tonight… this isn’t something I’m familiar with. I know laptop display resolution is already maxed at 1366x768. On the shop PC, all I see in Display Settings is Scale & Layout “change the size of text, apps, and other items” but that will be set at 100% as it is here, and on this PC things can only be scaled up from there. I presume I need to scale SquareLine down in size.

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Looks like SquareLine defaulted to UI sized at 125%. Thanks for the solution here.

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