Nothing happens when importing project

Perhaps this is a bug, but I can’t import any projects.

I am on Windows 11, I moved my project’s .spj file to another directory and now I’m trying to import it for use from that directory, but when I select this file with the explorer that comes up when you press “import project”, nothing happens.

Could it perhaps be because I already have an identical project in my “workspace” so to speak?
Please let me know.

The folder selector window should appear.

Could you send a the logs as described here?

Player.txt (12.5 KB)
Player-prev.txt (13.1 KB)

Thanks for responding. I renamed the files “.txt” because the forum does not accept .log as an extension: the contents should not have changed.

When I click “import project” the folder selector window does appear, but opening the .spj file here does nothing.

Did you move the sll file too or just the spj? It will only appear in the launcher if the sll file is also next to the spj.

I mean for moving or copy project you need copy two or all same name files and asset folder.
After this you can import.

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Thanks. This worked! It might be worth mentioning this in the documentation somewhere here: Launcher | SquareLine Studio

The explorer window that opens only requires the .spj file, it is not clear that assets and other related files need to be included in the corresponding directory too.