Outstanding bugs! CAN'T set different panels to show different gradient colors!

What do you want to achieve?

LVGL 8.3.11
squareLine 1.4.0

use several grad to set different panel, but they result the same show
I put this bug issue to LVGL github repo:

but I try in squareLine result the same issue:

the running result is:

so this is a LVGL bug??

I urgently need to use this feature.
That different panels to be able to set different gradient colors

What have you tried so far?

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  • Target hardware:

this can be close

Thanks for concluding this. We too consider the case closed, because we couldn’t reproduce any problem of this kind, panels can indeed have totally different gradients in SquareLine Studio (and LVGL).
(I see at LVGL it was solved in the code and LVGL config by setting LV_GRAD_CACHE_DEF_SIZE to 0.)