Persian font solved

hello for all.
I have a problem. Unfortunately, the “persian fonts” are displayed incompletely. I tried different solutions but it still didn’t work. This problem exists in the “keyboard widget”. I am asking for help.

It seems the ASCII alphanumeric characters are missing from your SMITRA.otf font file. If you want them to remain on the keyboard widget you either need to leave it at the default fontset (e.g. montserrat), or set an ASCII-capable fontset, or add/merge ASCII characters into your custom fontset with tools like FontForge. If you want a custom Persian keyboard widget you need to do it by code by using a new custom map for the keyboard widget (see LVGL docs: Keyboard (lv_keyboard) — LVGL documentation) and/or create custom button-matrix (see LVGL docs: Button matrix (lv_btnmatrix) — LVGL documentation).

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