Portrait mode 90 degree rotate just for designing

What do you want to achieve?

Some of the more unusual amoled displays now flooding aliexpress only support a portrait mode horizontal scan so a hardware accelerated rotate is not possible. For those wanting a landscape output, a soft rotate is too slow so we are stuck with portrait and having to design in SLS with our head tilted.

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

I’d like an option to design with a 90 degree rotate in SLS, maintaining the logical coordinate system (I still want to see x as west/east and y as north/south) but have the export files target the portrait mode of the display. So in Project Settings, this ‘virtual rotate’ would not switch the project axes at all, but present the work area rotated just for convenience. An alternative approach might be to offer a ‘rotate on export’ with the project set up as landscape in the first place and have x,y coords translated on the fly.

Mention some use cases

For all portrait only displays (smart band, fitbit etc) which don’t support vertical scanning (even if the driver chip datasheet says it does).


Problem here is that LVGL can’t render 90 degree rotated content. E.g. the letters can’t be drawn rotated by 90 degree. Therefore we have only the software rotation option on the rendered image.

What is the typical resolution of these OLED displays?