Problem within LVGL and third-party WiFi lib?

What do you want to achieve?

Everything runs so far, except Screen output when using a third party WiFi lib, after checking all possibilities I do not find aby solution for this fault.

What have you tried so far?

Processing screen output by LVGL, generated by SLS is impossible within invoking a lib and the libs timeout

I have a bothering problem by using the T-RGB (both full-circle-versions) together with SLS/LVGL and a Wi-Fi-Lib called ESPAsyncWiFiManager (

I cannot find out if the is a fault from the Lib, from LVGL or the T-RGB at last, maybe somebody has an idea what might cause this problem. I already have posted this problem in different ESP32 forums without feedback, and the repository of the lib is set to read-only by the author, therefore the related issue forum is close. The author does not reply to inquiries.

I am using the lib “ESPAsyncWiFimanager” to handle all WiFi-related issues, which works very satisfactorily and is very well documented, except for one annoying thing:

From the moment the class “ESPAsyncWiFimanager” is instantiated in the code, and until the moment a WiFi connection has been established (or the timeout of three minutes occurs), no screen output via LVGL is possible, despite the output made in the code (incl. LV_task_handler() invoked), the display remains black. Since it makes sense to initialize the class as a global variable in the top-level main model, it is not possible to output any user instructions for establishing the WiFi connection, such as specifying the WiFi credentials for the activated config portal on the cell phone. This is very annoying as the user must stare more or less helplessly at a black screen for three minutes until the timeout.

I have inspected most of the code, but do not find any issues which causes this behavior. And therefore, I do not know if this is fault of the lib, or it might be caused by an interference between T-RGB, LVGL and the lib.
Any ideas?


  • **SquareLine Studio version:1.3.4
  • **Operating system: WIN 11
  • **Target hardware: ESP32-S3 LilyGo T-RGB Module (all versions)

This seems to be an LVGL or WifiLib backend related issue, definitely not an SLS bug, so we think you might find more help on the LVGL forum.