Project exported using version 1.3.0 all screens and objects became 'rainbow' colored

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Correct colors for my project

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Checked all library configs were correct. Executed tft-espi demo program and lvgl demo program. TFT ESpi demo worked fine. LVGL demo ‘Hello Arduino and LVGL’ was also ‘rainbow’ colored.

Screenshot or video’


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.3.0 - lvgl version 8.3.7 - tft espi version 2.5.0
  • **Operating system:**windows 10
  • **Target hardware:**seeed xiao esp32-s3 with 1.28" round tft using GC9A01 driver. No touch capability.

I followed the instructions laid out in another thread related to folder structuring and exporting the project as a template to build the necessary file structure in Arduino IDE. This worked fine and the sketch compiled and uploaded ok except everything displayed on the screen is rainbow colored. Since this happened when I ran the LVGL demo also I must conclude it has to do with the LVGL library. This is strange since it worked fine with the previous version of Square Line.
In the Square line project settings I have 16bit swap selected with version 1.1.0 and 8.3.6 chosen from the pull down menus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I must say Square Line is a fantastic product that I have enjoyed using.


Attached is an image of the LVGL arduino demo showing the text in shades of green, purple and blue. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.



Very interesting. What is the current value of LV_COLOR_16_SWAP in lv_conf.h? You can try toggling it.

Success!! Thanks for your help! It looks like GC9A01 does not like color swap.
I noticed lv_color_16_swap was set to 0 in the Square Line tutorial for the new Seeed Round display that also uses the GC9A01 driver.
Thanks again,