Projects corruption when it's hierarcy changed!

The project corruption was detected if the users want to change proj hierarcy by mouse drag and drop.
The corrupted proj content is available here.
To recreate the issue you need to remake a new project, save a copy, and try to change in hierarcy by drag and drop:

  1. Move ‘PanelPar1’ down to the list of ‘ScreenMain’ objects content.
  2. Move ‘PanelPar2’ down to the list of ‘ScreenMain’ objects content.
  3. Move ‘PanelPar3’ down to the list of ‘ScreenMain’ objects content.

During this steps SLS can freezes, stop responding and need to be closed.
At the restart project cannot be loaded normally and freezes continues.
Found after 15min: my PC need to be restarted to stop the freezes.

SquareLine Studio version: 1.0.1
Operating system: Win10-64 21H1

I tried what are you, but find no issue.

Project need to be remade truly (with the panels content, fonts, …) like in a shared link proj content. However, we need a lot of time to find the point of this issue…
Good point for investigation is load the corrupted proj and find why SLS start to freezes…

Thanks for the report! We are investigating it.

And small problem with ‘TextAria’ widget (for new projects):

  1. Place default ‘TextAria’ widget on the Screen1.
  2. Set the option ‘One line mode’. The widget size is now changed to one line mode.
  3. Try to enable any style settings. The widget size reset immediately. Wrong behavior?

We could reproduce the hierarchy issue, see the problem and working on the fix.

True, working on it as well. As a workaround you can manually set the text area’s height to content.