Re-install v1.2.3 on new computer and can't import a v1.1.1 project

What do you want to achieve?

Import a v1.1.1 project in v1.2.3

What have you tried so far?

There were no spj file so I renamed SquareLine_Project to SquareLine_Project.spj

File appears in the file import dialog, but nothing happens when I click open.

Screenshot or video


  • v1.2.3
  • Ubuntu 22.10
  • ESP32

Always there should be a spj file. If it’s missing than probably your project is broken.

Why file do you import with v1.1.1?

In my old laptop install, the project was already imported and shows up when I start the application. And it points to the SquareLine_Project file.

I know the project file is not corrupted as it’s md5 checksum is the same on my new laptop and the old…

At editor startup, it retrieves the data from the SLL file, not from the SPJ. Can you send your project file to so we can take a look at what the issue might be?

The SLL and SPJ files must also have the project name and the extension is also required after the file name. The file names must be the same as the project name. Therefore, you need to rename the files to: SquareLine_Project.sll and SquareLine_Project.spj.

That did the trick. Thanks.