Recycling of functions to prevent duplicates

What do you want to achieve?

I want to improve writing and export efficiencies by allowing the user to take an existing event function and attach it to another element.

Do you see alternative options and workaround to achieve it?

you can manually add all these same functions again and again but its a extra work to set them up to do the same thing and it results in an export file with bloated and redundant functions. Another workaround would be to set it to a user defined function so the export will be clean and minimal, but that leaves more post work and prevents decent play mode testing in SLS

Mention some use cases

Example: two buttons that have the same event execution, but they exist in different elements of the UI, like a home button or return to start button or any other navigation button.

Can you imagine other use cases besides screen changing?

When having any other action that can be triggered by different sources. I don’t have a specific idea besides screen changes as that is my current concern.

Yeah I’m sorry if I ever become a pain here, I am a new user of SLS and really like it so far so I am usually eager to provide feedback on everything from small bugs to big features I would like. let me know if I’m bugging you too much there bud.

Sorry for the late reply, we are small team (yet) and trying to balance between things.

We are very happy to hear feedback and feature ideas, so keep them going.

We are thinking about reworking the events panel, and will take this request into consideration.