Request for Detailed LVGL Multilanguage Implementation Guide with SquareLine Studio (SLS)

Dear SquareLine Studio Support Team,

I am writing to request a more comprehensive guide regarding the implementation of LVGL multilanguage support in conjunction with SquareLine Studio (SLS). While the existing guides provide a foundation, they lack crucial technical details and sample code, hindering the smooth integration of this feature into our projects.

Specifically, the current documentation on lvgl/lv_i18n: Internationalization (i18n) for LVGL, available on the LVGL GitHub repository, mentions functions such as lv_i18n_init and lv_i18n_set_locale. However, upon exporting the code from SquareLine Studio, we noticed that these functions are missing. This discrepancy has led to confusion and challenges in properly configuring multilanguage support within our applications.

To address this issue effectively, it would greatly benefit the LVGL community and SquareLine Studio users if the multilanguage app guide included detailed sample code illustrating the proper implementation of LVGL multilanguage features. By providing practical examples, developers will gain a clearer understanding of the required steps and how to integrate multilanguage support seamlessly into their projects.

Furthermore, it would be highly advantageous if SquareLine Studio could provide a sample project on GitHub that demonstrates the utilization of i18n (internationalization) with SquareLine Studio. This sample project would serve as a valuable resource, allowing developers to reference and learn from a comprehensive, real-world example.

By enhancing the existing documentation with more technical details, sample code, and a sample project, SquareLine Studio can significantly improve the developer experience and streamline the implementation of LVGL multilanguage support.

Thank you for considering this feature request. We look forward to the continued growth and improvement of SquareLine Studio’s development tools.


I have successfully implemented the Squareline Studio Multilanguage feature in my project, utilizing lv_i18n scripts and a Python environment.

In the coming one or two days, I intend to compose a comprehensive blog post outlining the detailed steps involved in this implementation. Once the blog post is complete, I will provide a link within this forum post for convenient access to the detailed information.

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I thought that the people will find the required info in the README of lv_i18n, but we will add more info about it.

Great news!

Oh, that would be amazing! Thank you so much!

Hi, this is really great to hear. I am almost at the point of multi-language implementation on my project as well, but I think I will hold off on working on that until your blog is complete: I think i18n is really quite complicated and I am a bit afraid of sinking too much time into it.

Do you have an ETA for that blog post?

Hello again Christine, any updates?