Reset UI scale setting

Hi, I am new to Squareline. I made a mistake in settings and set the UI scale to 200%. This is much too big for my display, but the problem is that I cannot scroll or resize the settings window to access the
UI scale setting to change it back. So I am completely stuck.

I was looking for a preferences file in the application package or something I could edit or delete to restore UI scale settings to default.

Hoping for some advice here! Thanks.

Apple Mac Mini M2 Pro
macOS Ventura 13.2.1

Look if you have file prefs in ~/Library/Logs/unity3d/Game-Ever and if so, try to rename it and start SLS again. I guess if SLS will not find this file, it will start up with default values.

Thank you very much for the advice. I made a noob mistake and eventually I got fn keys (f9) working on my mac to reset the UI scale.

You can also press F9 to reset the UI scale.
It’s listed in the preferences menu among the Hotkeys, but maybe this section is not visible either due to the large UI scale value :slight_smile: