Scrollable text in a textarea will always start at bottom

What do you want to achieve?

I want to add a textarea with a lot of text in it. However in play mode or by uploading the code the text will always start at the end. So I have to scroll up to see the beginning of the text.

What have you tried so far?

All available options in SLS. Have I missed something? This seems trivial to me :wink:


  • SquareLine Studio version: 1.2-1
  • Operating system: Win 10

Ok, I found out that I have to use for this purpose “label” and not “textarea”. But still would it be possible to make a textarea to start at the beginning?

Have you tried lv_textarea_set_cursor_pos passing 0 as the second parameter?
I have not tried it so it may not do what you want.